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Prospective graduate students who are interested in enrolling in the free twelve-month Master's Program "CLINICAL APPLICATIONS OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE" of the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly, for the period 2023-2024, are invited to submit to the Secretariat of the Program the following supporting documents:

  1. Written application (available on the PMS website),
  2. Copy of diploma (legally certified) or confirmation that the candidate has completed his educational obligations. In the case of foreign university graduates, a certificate of recognition from DOATAP must be submitted,

3.Certificate of analytical score,

  1. Copy of thesis (where provided),

5. A detailed curriculum vitae with a recent photo of the candidate which will definitely include information about the candidate's studies, research and/or professional activity, his/her possible scientific work and his/her Diploma thesis if provided for by his/her Basic Study Program,

6. Photocopy of two sides of a police ID,

7. Three letters of recommendation,

8. Evidence of foreign languages (at least English),

9. Evidence of professional or research activity (if any),


Graduates of University Departments of Schools of Health Sciences or related to Life Sciences Departments of Schools of Positive Sciences, of the country and of recognized institutions abroad are admitted to the PMS.

Graduates of other HEI Schools may also participate in the selection process as long as they are successfully examined in two courses of the undergraduate study program of the Department of Medicine from the following five: "Biochemistry of Enzymes and Human Metabolism" (2nd semester)", "Physiology", "Pharmacology", "Microbiology", "Immunology".

 The exam material of the courses is posted on the PMS website. 

The exams will take place immediately after the application deadline.

Necessary actions of candidates before selection:

  • Interested candidates, before submitting the Application, must contact the participating Laboratories, as they are mentioned in the Study Regulations posted on the PMS Website, in order to declare their interest and to be informed about the Educational Programs and research diploma theses offered by each Laboratory.
  • Subsequently and at the same time as the Application, interested candidates should declare in writing up to two Workshops (in order of preference) in the Educational Programs they wish to join. Also, those of the candidates who are required to take exams should declare in writing the two courses in which they wish to be examined.
  • It is pointed out that attending the Workshop Programs requires mandatory, daily physical presence.
  • There are no tuition fees.


Selection process 

The Selection Committee will invite to an interview – oral examination those of the candidates who meet the requirements (and have passed the above examinations, if required). The interviews will be held at the Department's headquarters. The Selection Committee will take into account the general degree grade, the score in the relevant P.M.S. undergraduate courses, performance in the thesis (where provided), any research or professional activity, three letters of recommendation and knowledge of foreign languages. Excellent knowledge of English and Greek is deemed necessary for foreigners. Knowledge of English is demonstrated by holding a Cambridge University Proficiency Diploma (or equivalent). When there is insufficient evidence of excellent knowledge of the English or Greek language, the verification of the adequacy of the knowledge will be done by the Selection Committee during the oral examination.


For more information, candidates can contact with the PMS Secretariat, Mr. Noutsos Vasiliki, either by phone (2410685719) or electronically (


Announcement pdf

Interested party's application doc

Application for Extension doc

Operating forms doc

Thesis structure pdf

Study Regulations doc


Examinable Course Material

Medical Microbiology

Bbiochemistry of Human Enzymes & Metabolism




Address for submitting supporting documents:


Graduate Program Secretariat

"Clinical Applications of Molecular Medicine"


3 Panepistimiou, BIOPOLIS, LARISA 41500

4o floor, Wing II

Tel. 2410 685719

Fax. 2410685555


Application deadline:


From 21 August to 29 September 2023 and from 12.00-14.00


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